Building Energy Modelling Takeoff Automation Tool

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Conventional building energy modelling is a time-consuming task that requires hours of information gathering from construction drawings, performing manual calculations, and then inputting that information into energy modelling software. As building energy codes become more strict, the demand for energy modelling will, however, only increase.

Volta Research is developing a web-app to streamline energy modelling, making it easier for homeowners to reduce consumption and save on their energy bills. This tool will simplify the EnerGuide rating process for new homes, encouraging the uptake of building energy use labels.


Key project stakeholders

  • Energy modelling consultants
  • Industry organizations/associations
  • Energy service companies
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Builders
  • Academics
  • Energy advisor trainers
  • Municipal permitting departments and building code officials


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The Building Energy Modelling Takeoff Automation Tool is made possible by a financial contribution from Natural Resources Canada.

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